When night falls, the day dies. There but nonexistent. There but in a far distance. Only in memories does it remain. The future hopeful leaving me grasping desperately. Which will survive and which will conclude. "All in due time time" said the moon


Cherish the ones who have seen the light. Have gone and come back To and fro. Who have awaken to the secrets left unknown. For those are the ones who will save you.


I stay slient amongst the crowds. observing the subtle shifts of consciousness from one individual to another. The way one's body casually turns to the next. How eyes connect when deep passion arises. Bright specks of gleam reflect on their faces. Barely gaining their breath before speaking. Flailing hands and loud laughter of joy turned... Continue Reading →

Life Lost.

Oh to be young again.... When th world trembled at their feet. Eating the sweet fruit of youth and playing the childhood games of imagination. Bruised knees were joyous and light glowed from within. Oh those childhood when dreams weren't possibilites, but reality. Shooting beyond the stars and touching the milkyway were pastimes. Communicating with... Continue Reading →

Welcome To The Stream.

Hello! I'm Danyelle and welcome to my blog. I wouldn't say im the most established writer in the world, but I thought I'd try my hand at poetry and see where it takes me. Ive always enjoyed writing and love to show My imagination through it. This is the first time I've really publicly shown... Continue Reading →


When did likes become more important than love. To be liked across continents yet no love at home. To be seen through a guise unknown. To be plasters upon walls for the world to see. Only an image but certainly not the A facade of sorts tis true indeed. But for some a "like"... Continue Reading →


Look into my eyes and tell me not to cry. Look me in my eyes and tell no more lies. Look me in my eyes and turn dark to light. See heaven and kingdoms in my eyes for the light you see burning in me is the stories of my births. Of my life,... Continue Reading →


Ever look at coffe as you pour your favorite creamer into the deep dark brown abyss? Slowly at first, it reveals itself to you. Just enough that you may not realize it's there. Then, just as you reach to add more it comes through. Bright and warm. Causing the darkness to somehow soften making it... Continue Reading →


Move with those thick hips girl! Jive to the songs that play. Loud bass thumping so hard bones disintegrate. Stand strong in your step, dont be swayed. Those eyes are all for you. Mouths parted give them a taste. Hairs stand at attention when you turn their way. You are their prized possesion. Hands stay... Continue Reading →

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