Just Thinking

Rest now for the day is almost done. Close your eyes and let your mind drift into the ocean of imaginitive thought. Let you soul sigh a big sigh. Let go. For a journey's end has begun. A new song to be sung. Maybe a flower blowing in the breeze. Free. The sunlight hitting its... Continue Reading →


I get lost at work sometimes

The ovewhelming majority of my mind has since fallen silent. In the midst of this, I write. I write to project the ideas that illuminate the page and set the stage. Seeing things through a fine scope. I poked. Opening up the narrow pathway. For something existential. Boundless. Beyond pursuit. I tried to reach my... Continue Reading →

Seeing It Slowly

I have allowed myself the grace of freedom and forgiveness. To indulge in the sweetness of love and the bitterness of hatred, Without crumbling to the will of either. Yet, to uncover their truths at the present. To see life as a movement of expressed 'self' And to meet that with eyes neither looking back... Continue Reading →

Ramblings Really

I look at fishes in the sea And watch them breathe Watch as they live quietly Moving slowly amongst the corals and reefs While the world above rumbles and it's inhabitants stumble hands reached out Eternally empty Moving so quickly they stand still Their Breathe held long Grasping at the necks of others to save... Continue Reading →

When I Close My Eyes

Eyes closed the voice remained in the dark background of my mind. To be present mentally is one thing. But to experience it is a vareity of complexities that one must know by themselves. In my mind the dark expansiveness could be seen as a curse and a gift. To see the absolute nothing that... Continue Reading →

My Thoughts Of You

You are an infectious light that plunders the darkness.sing hyms of wisdom through pearls and pink mountains. Breathe life into the dead and watch them dance.the hope you give eludes the stars and dreams of childs play. People heed your message as if water drips from the desert plant into the mouths of the thirsty.... Continue Reading →

Thoughts Of My Idle Mind

You are the force that opens my mind. To make me see past the illusion and look to brighter skies. When I cry you sit, providing guidance. When I laugh you shape the world. In silence I can hear your whispers to me - softly. Like a feather that grazes the body in the hour... Continue Reading →

Welcome To The Stream.

Hello! I'm Danyelle and welcome to my blog. I wouldn't say im the most established writer in the world, but I thought I'd try my hand at poetry and see where it takes me. Ive always enjoyed writing and love to show My imagination through it. This is the first time I've really publicly shown... Continue Reading →

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